Why did Hillary lose the election? Men’s issues.

Why did Hillary Clinton lose the election?  And let’s be clear, it was her election to be had and she lost it.  If you are a die hard pro-Clinton democrat you are sticking to the rhetoric that it is “racists and misogynists” who voted Trump into office.  And pre election the pollsters told us that Trump had only the support of “non college educated” (read “uneducated, not smart or informed”) white males, thus the racist and misogynist classification was reserved for men.

The Democratic Party used to stand for the blue collar working family, men and women, within the middle class, workers and labor unions.  This is not so today.  The Democratic Party of today is the party of the “victim”, victimized minorities, victimized immigrants, victimized women including white women like Hillary.  But more so than playing the victim card to define who they are, the Democratic Party has blamed men as the perpetrator of these injustices.

And I’m sure that if you hold a “progressive” political position you wonder why men “just don’t get it”.  How can these men, who perpetrate the injustices of the world against the rest of the “minorities”, not see these injustices?  Perhaps it is because the injustices don’t exist.  Perhaps the party of the ‘victim” needs to define itself as a victim with a defined perpetrator as a common enemy to bring the diverse minorities together against a common enemy, in this case men.  So the answer to how Hillary lost the election is she and the Democrats have turned into the party of the victim and in the process abandoned men, ALL men.  Worse, they have vilified them to the point they are driven out of the Democratic Party.

We need only look at Hillary’s concession speech to see proof of this anti-male perspective. She said; “And to all the women, and especially the young women, who put their faith in this campaign and in me: I want you to know that nothing has made me prouder than to be your champion.” and she went on,  “And to all of the little girls who are watching this, never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your own dreams.”

Men and boys need not apply.

Perhaps the greatest propaganda coup of the Democratic Party is the victimization of  women in America being perpetrated by men. In the face of the victimized and held back woman the reality is that American women have more opportunities and greater positive outcomes than any other class of individual on this planet throughout time.  They have more choices, less responsibilities, and more social safety nets across the board as opposed to everyone, even American men.

American Women have a life expectancy  greater than men for all races of women.  While men and women each has an equal vote towards representation in this Republic it is men who have the burden of protecting that right for both men and women as they are required to sign up for selective service as opposed to women being allowed to choose whether to serve or not, and in what capacity.  Even in the all volunteer military it is men who are disproportionately the casualties of war.  This contrary to Hillary’s exhortations that women are the primary victims of war as they have to “watch their fathers, husbands, and sons die”.

As the Democrats push for “equal pay for equal work” we are faced with unequal pay for equal work as college educated females earn 104% of college educated males for the same work.  And in access to educational opportunity, women are now 65% of college graduates. Worse, our colleges now operate under the myth of a “rape crisis” in which due process has been thrown out the window and where young men must attend mandatory classes to teach them to “not be abusers”, assumed guilty until indoctrinated.

While this Democratic administration touts an unemployment rate of under 5%, the reality is that if you add in the under employed and those that have just stopped trying to find work it is over 10%, of which the majority are men, young non college educated men.  Even for those employed the real middle class income has remained  stagnant for the past 15 years and in real buying power the middle class is losing it.  This is the blue collar working man who the Democrats have abandoned.  And should a man be one of the lucky ones to have full employment, he will suffer over 90% of work place injuries and fatalities as compared to women.

In the area of family and reproductive rights women hold the choices and men hold the responsibilities.  Women have the right to birth control of their choice as opposed to minimal choices for men.  Indeed, men can not even get a vasectomy without written permission from their wife.  A woman can choose to have an abortion as opposed to a man who is forced to work to provide for a child even if he doesn’t want it.  Should he desire to have a child it can be aborted against his will.  Her body her choice is his body his responsibility to sacrifice it and we see in the previous paragraph, the outcomes aren’t good for him economically.

The American dream of a family is dead for many men.  There is now a 50% divorce rate in America.  Over 80% are filed by women unilaterally with the number one reason being “we grew apart”.   Yet even though they are often the reason for the divorce, women receive custody of the children over 80% of the time.  With this the man is handed the financial responsibility and ordered to pay child support at levels which often leave him in  poverty to care for children he is allowed to visit 6 days a month.  And should he be among the few who gets custody chances are the child support to him will be minimal, if any at all.

We spend a billion dollars a year to fund the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA).  The myth of male perpetrator and female victim as being the norm was shown through research to be untrue, and we know men account for 40% of domestic violence victims.  Yet given this we have no programs or safe houses designed to meet the needs of abused men.

In the area of incarceration we see by and far the vast majority are men.  We define the actions of men as criminal behavior while correspondingly forgiving the same behavior on the part of women.  Should a man not pay child support, the number one reason for not paying being shown to be poverty, we incarcerate him in debtors prison.  The mother who does not financially support her children correspondingly gets a myriad of social services.  And while we incarcerate adult men for pedophilia when we see the same actions on the part of a woman the media and society employs the “lucky stud coming of age” myth to excuse the abuse.  Indeed, even when in a position of authority, such as the female teachers we see weekly in the news abusing young boys, the headlines explain it away as a “sexual relationship”.

Donald Trump winning this election shows that the men’s vote is real and capable of swinging elections.  While it can be said that over these past 20 years the Republicans haven’t addressed men’s issues the Democrats have grown increasingly hostile to men’s issue driving them there.  So when Donald Trump came along the forsaken men willingly pulled the lever for him.  We aren’t racist misogynists, we are people with issues like everybody else.  If the Democrats want those votes in the future, and indeed, if the Republicans want to keep them, they will need to address the issues that men face on a daily basis and not dismiss us.

James Hays, Amsterdam, NY

The writer is a parental civil rights activist and co-founder, past President and current Treasurer of the Coalition of Fathers and Families NY, Inc. (https://www.facebook.com/groups/Fathers4Kids/) and is an Administrator with Friends for the Protection For Men (https://www.facebook.com/groups/protectionformen/)